To place the milk carton back on Norwegian breakfast tables where it used to belong by placing it in a context that made it both relevant and significant.

We challenged Norway’s largest dairy product cooperative, TINE, to find a new way to put breakfast and milk on people’s agenda.

In the autumn of 2015, a significant amount of fugitives made their way to Norway, as the result of the Syrian Civil War forcing hundreds of thousands of citizens to escape the countries that were affected by the conflict.


Quickly, a heated debate sparked about how Norway should deal with the refugees. The situation was often poorly and one-sidedly portrayed by the press, which led to us asking: What would happen with the Norwegians’ mindset if we made them meet and observe the refugees from another point of view? Could such meetings strengthen the bonds between us and our new citizens? And could a dairy product brand contribute to this matter in a relevant, natural and valuable way?

Our opinion was yes – that Tine could (and should) take a stand on the issue. 

In concurrence with TV-aksjonen, the annual televised charity fund raising event taking place in Norway on October 23 2016, we made TINE and the Norwegian Red Cross the facilitators of «Friendship Breakfasts» on 94 asylum reception centres nationwide. The event would take place at the same time on all reception centers October 22, and the menus would consist of both Norwegian and international dishes – prepared by the refugees themselves.

Invitations were printed on 26 million milk cartons. We produced press releases, advertisements and Facebook videos that let Norwegians get to know some of the refugees on a deeper and more personal level than the newspapers had managed to with their coverage.  



More than 7.000 people attended the friendship breakfasts hosted by 82 asylum reception centers located across Norway. More than 80 percent of the Norwegian press covered the event. We can safely say that the expression “to break bread” got its renaissance that day.

Project Manager: Milena Bech
Consultant: Lars Eia Kirkholm
Production Company: Fantefilm

couple at breakfast

Camilla Watz Johannessen
Managing Director