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The Fun Place for Brave Thinking – our vision

Fun really matters to us. Whether it is working with JCP or at JCP, we want it to be fun. By always maintaining a lively and creative atmosphere, we increase productivity and generate positive energy as well as the desire to succeed. In short – we believe that when people enjoy what they do, they do it better.

In order to achieve our goal to Captivate People and continually challenge both our customers and the industry with engaging, innovative concepts, we must dare to think differently. At JCP, a well-founded and courageous proposition is to be considered an accomplishment in itself. We believe this is the ambition that in turn leads to better results for our clients.

We abide by our own aspiration to become Scandinavia’s leading communications environment, where staff and clients alike share and enjoy the ethos of having fun whilst thinking bravely.


Captivate People – our goal

We believe that involvement is key to influencing people. This is why we have set a common goal in everything we do. We call it Captivate People.

Rather than just conveying a message, we play on a range of instruments and sensations in order to create a long and lasting appeal. This why we are not satisfied with people merely understanding what we mean – they have to believe it and join in.

We diligently pursue this goal while committing to delivering measurable results through intelligent and cost effective solutions.


“With the name JCP, we are reminded of the cruise vacation that never happened, Will Smith’s musical gift to the millennium and the everlasting desire to always have fun at work.” 

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Our Values

Our values serve to guide and remind us of whom we should be in collaboration with our clients, partners, suppliers and each other. We also see our values as key factors in achieving goals.

We find they generate job satisfaction, integrity, productivity and professionalism, innovation and effectiveness. Together, we have decided our values to be:

Involving – Playful – Professional – Honest


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